Thursday, February 21, 2008

We Lead India !

If you ask me about the Lead India campaign run by the Times of India Group, I'll always come back and use one word to describe it: inspirational. The participants were great, and each of them had the potential to lead India in the true sense, but this campaign has really gone beyond that !

I'm sure a lot of you would've already seen the video where a child takes the initiative to "do something", by getting there first to remove a log of wood fallen off, and inspires the rest of the world around him to follow suit. I came across another video, which casts a poor child (representing the Indian youth), who looks dedicated, and hard working. He works at a tea stall the entire day and earns his bits. He even dedicates his evening playing time to binding books instead, so that he can use the rest of the day to learn !! His dedication and determination inspires the rest of his friends to learn from him.

Have a look...