Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bangalore - My first bite !

Bangalore - They call it the 'Info City' of India, and the first few minutes into this city were enough to convince me !! With IT companies spread all across the place, it sure is a city to check out !

Just before I came to Bangalore, herds of people fed me with mixed reviews about this city - There'll be loads of traffic, the food is bad, the weather is good, the crowd is good, easy to find a good place to stay, communication is no problem.... and the sorts !

They really were MIXED reviews :) The traffic, really is BAD ! Up and down the Hosur road twice a day - And you're finished !!! The food... Well, not that bad ! Since it is a cosmopolitan city, you can find anything and everything to eat ! Have been to loads of restaurants - some of them very very good (Spiga, Gramin, Chandni Chowk), others just about okay ! Idlis and Dosas are a part of atleast one meal daily (and this is by choice, and not by compulsion) :) That's simply because i love South Indian cuisine :)

The weather is one aspect that makes you cling to this place... It rains when you expect it to, and also when you don't expect it to :) Remains pleasant for most part of the day (even during the months of May and June), and pretty cool at night !! An ideal weather pattern that you would love to experience :)

The crowd... It's a mix of all kinds of people actually ! The crowd on campus is definitely not worth it ! But when you tend to go to malls and other good restaurants / pubs / lounges, the crowds are really good ! So, selective viewing is the name of the game here ;)

About finding a place to stay... The situation is not as good as it seems to be ! There are ample resources here to help you look for a house, but when you actually go and look for those houses, most of them are useless ! Nothing that fits your list of choices !!! So, finding a house - a GOOD house, is a problem here !

Communication..... Woa !!! I was told that most people here speak english, and hence that's they way you communicate with them :) That actually is true to an extent, but you are in for surprises every now and then :) Had amazing experiences during our stay in the hotel here :))

Bangalore, overall, is a great city to spend time ! But a couple of things that I would like to improve about this place...
(1) The traffic flow.
(2) Extend the closure timings of pubs and lounges to 2 am instead of the current 11 pm !!!