Wednesday, November 22, 2006

PPTs !

PPTs... Probably the most academically disoriented acronym that I have ever come across ! Has loads of interpretations, some factual, others innovative :) So, I thought it's high time we put our creative minds to work, and get rolling in the world of PPTs...

Power Point Template
Probably the most often used, and a corporate jargon now. PPTs today, define the life of any management student, whether in India, or abroad :) With tons of presentations at their disposal, PPTs are now a way of life. Infact, this term has become so common now, that it's used in place of presentations. People have almost forgotten alternative modes of presentations. Talk about the effect of Microsoft taking over the world at large !!

I don't know how many people have used this one earlier, but our Chemistry teacher used to use "PPTs" in place of precipitates :) For the uninitiated, precipitation is the formation of a solid in a solution during a chemical reaction (those tiny little particles that remain at the bottom of a test tube). So, PPTs in this sense for a part of my wonderful school memories :)
For more info on precipitates :

Parts Per Trillion
A lot of us use PPT as a measure... Something that is standardized, something that the is used the world over. A lot of you would have encountered the term "ppm" (parts per million). PPT, in this sense, is a measure for more granular things.

Pre Placement Talk
Wow ! Being a B-School student myself, I know what this means... Factually, and psycologically :) To introduce the term, a PPT essentially means that a company is interested in hiring the institutes' students after they pass out, and hence a representative of the company wants to spend sometime with the students, to brief them about the company, what it does, what are they offering in terms of salaries and profiles, and to clarify any other doubts that the students would have. Sounds good ?!? Imagine this then... You are just back from a stupid class, and plan to have a nice afternoon siesta back in your room (Replace this with a movie for some). Just then you get an alert that you gotta rush for a PPT ! XYZ Technologies is on campus, and attendance is compulsory :( There you are... What about that movie that you have been craving to watch ? What about the ever-so-essential-but-never-happens afternoon siesta ?!

But... not all PPTs are the same. For instance, a lot of people crave to go to the Cadbury PPT. Why ?? Because they distribute Cadbury chocolate bars to all the attendees :D Isn't that cool ?? I was one of the lucky ones to sneak in there, and I got a Dairy Milk, a Dairy Milk (Fruit n Nut), a Bournville and a Crackle :)
So, these PPTs are a B-Schooler's introduction to corporate life - Can get boring on most occasions :(

Enough of factual gyaan now... Let's get CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE8i\/e

Please Papa, Ticket !
Imagine yourself in the shoes of a li'l child... Your parents decide to take you to a fun-fair, where there is loads of entertainment. You suddenly spot a merry-go-round, and this PPT is the first expression that you speak out !!

Packaging, Presentation and Technique
Those folks who are obsessed with Marketing, would relate to this. Probably the three most important things when it comes to marketing products - Packaging, Presentation (of the idea and the product), and the Technique (Marketing Strategy, Operational concerns, etc.)

Pizza, Pasta and Tobasco
Wow ! I love food, and Italian at that is my favourite !!! A thin crust Pizza, A white-sauce Pasta with a touch of tobasco, and a glass of wine - A Classical dinner for two at your service :) Doesn't that sound yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ?!?!

Pappu Pager ka Timepass
Pappu Pager (The character played by Satish Kaushik) is one of my all time favourites :) Wow... He was GOOD ! He and Govinda, in those days, formed an unbeatable combo, which rocked the nation with loads of comedy movies :)

Hey, I think I've got my brains working enough to save me from Alzheimer's :) How about you guys suggesting me a few more twists around PPTs ?!?!?


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